Why can't I see recipe ingredients?

Why can't I see recipe ingredients?

If you’re able to see a recipe post but not ingredients in the recipe card, check your browser. This issue occurs most commonly with Apple users browsing on Safari.

Safari has a “reader mode” feature that formats web pages to look like easy-to-read documents. However, it also disables some of the site features on Wholesome Yum, including portions of recipe cards. Below are instructions for disabling reader mode on mobile and desktop for Safari.

How to disable reader mode on mobile:

You can quickly turn off reader mode by tapping the reader button next to the web address. A dark background means reader mode is ON, while a light background means reader mode is OFF:


How to disable reader mode on Safari for Wholesome Yum:

1. Launch Safari on your Mac and navigate to wholesomeyum.com.
2. In the top bar menu, click Safari, then click Preferences in the drop-down menu.

3. In the Preferences menu, click the Websites tab. Then, select Reader in the menu options listed on the left side.

4. Wholesome Yum will be listed as a site currently open on your browser. Click the drop-down option next to it and select “off.”

You can also quickly turn off reader mode for a page in your browser by hitting Esc., or tapping the reader button next to the web address (if available).

Still can’t see the recipe?

Use the contact form on this page to get in touch with us, and we'll keep troubleshooting! Include as much information as possible, including which browser and device you're using.
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