What sweeteners do you recommend?

What sweeteners do you recommend?

When it comes to keto recipes, not all sweeteners are created equal. The wrong kind can make a dish with poor flavor, texture, or aftertaste -- so the variety you choose matters.

I struggled to find sweeteners that truly tasted good in my keto recipes, so I created my own. My Besti sweeteners are the only ones I recommend for the perfect flavor and mouthfeel in all your low carb dishes.

In particular, Besti Monk Fruit Allulose Blend is my all-time favorite. Not only does it substitute 1:1 for sugar, it tastes amazing and fools my family and friends into thinking I used the real thing in my recipes! Best of all, it bakes like sugar, and unlike other sweeteners, it even dissolves, browns, and caramelizes like sugar, too -- all with zero net carbs.

I also recommend erythritol for crisp baked goods, allulose for chewy cookies and moist cakes, and powdered sweeteners for smooth frostings and glazes.

For a comparison, check out the article on the best keto sweeteners here. If you need to convert between sweeteners or just want to learn more, check my keto sweetener conversion chart and overall sweetener guide.