How do I know which recipe a grocery item is for?

How do I know which recipe a grocery item is for?

Hover your mouse over the ā€œiā€ next to each ingredient name to see which recipe will use it.


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    • How does the grocery list get generated?

      As you add meals to your weekly plan, the ingredients and quantities for each recipe automatically populate into a categorized grocery list. If an item is needed for more than one recipe, you will see multiple rows for the ingredient. Hover your ...
    • How do I modify my grocery list?

      It’s easy to add new items to your grocery list. At the top of the grocery list page, you can manually type in the name of an item, amount needed, and category. Select the “+ ADD” button to include it in your list. ​
    • How do I mark off items I’ve purchased on my grocery list?

      Use the checkbox next to each item to mark off ingredients you already have. You can also use this feature to bring the app with you to the grocery store on your phone, or mark things off as you order grocery delivery. ​
    • Can I add my own recipe to my meal plan?

      On Mobile:  Tap on the Meal Plan section. Choose +Add Meal in the time slot you want to add a custom recipe to.  Choose +Create Recipe to add your own custom recipe.  On Desktop: The right-hand column in the main meal plan building area allows you to ...
    • Why can't I see recipe ingredients?

      If you’re able to see a recipe post but not ingredients in the recipe card, check your browser. This issue occurs most commonly with Apple users browsing on Safari. Safari has a “reader mode” feature that formats web pages to look like easy-to-read ...