How do I get my meal plan?

How do I get my meal plan?

Log in to your Wholesome Yum meal plan (learn how to do that here). 

How to access your meal plan on iPhone/Android

Upon login, you'll see the be on the homepage. Select the Meal Plan tab on the bottom of the screen to view your meal plan. 

How to access your meal plan on the web app

Upon login, you'll see the My Meal Plan page. Click the My Meal Plan tab from the top menu on any page to go back to the meal plan area.

Need help getting started with meal plans? See this guide.

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    • How do I get my meal plan?

      You can get your meal plan in many different ways. First, you'll need to log in to your meal planning area. (Find instructions on how to do that here.) After logging in, you'll see the main meal planning page: On Mobile: On Desktop: Click on the My ...
    • How do I choose between a family or individual meal plan? What is the difference?

      Easy Keto Meal Plans are curated in two ways - for an individual person or for a family of 4. You get access to both and get to choose. You can customize either one, but start with the one that fits your needs best. In the “My Meal Plan” tab, use the ...
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      If you haven’t signed up yet for meal plans (including a free 7-day trial), please click here. The Easy Keto Meal Plan App is the only resource you'll ever need for clean, simple keto eating -- without spending hours counting macros, finding tested ...
    • How do I customize my meal plan?

      Navigate to the “My Meal Plan” tab. Use the dropdown menus in the Browse Recipes section to the right of your screen to drag and drop recipes into slots for meals and snacks. If you’d like to add more than one recipe for a meal, click the Add Another ...
    • How can I see a different week's meal plan?

      Browse different meal plan weeks with the “week of” selection tool above the drag-and-drop meal plan area: ​ Use the arrow buttons at each side to navigate.