How can I save my favorite recipes?

How can I save my favorite recipes?

You can save your favorite recipes and access them all in one place. In order to save recipes you need to log in (if you are already a Member) or sign up for a FREE Membership.

If you already have a FREE MEMBERSHIP, skip to number 2.

1. Sign up to save your recipes

You can sign up by clicking the “SIGN UP TO SAVE RECIPES” button at the top, right side of the page.


Once you are on the SIGN UP TO SAVE RECIPES page, click on the button that says “SIGN UP TO SAVE RECIPES”.



The following window will popup for you to enter your NAME and your E-MAIL address. Once you have done that, click the “REGISTER” button.


You will receive two emails after registering. The first email will have your username and password to use to log in to the Members Area and the second will have the subject line “How to access your Wholesome Yum saved recipes” and will have a link (see the example email below) to take you directly to the page where your favorites will be stored.


You will also be prompted to sign up (or sign in if not already) if you click on the heart or the “SAVE RECIPE” button on the recipe card. If you register for a free membership this way, you will see a confirmation popup box and be sent an email that will give you instructions on how to complete your registration.


2. Log in and start saving recipes

If you already have a FREE MEMBERSHIP or are having trouble signing in after registering, you can find instructions HERE.

Once you are logged in, you can save your favorite recipes. On your desktop, you can click the heart on the black circle on the left side of the page. The heart will turn pink once the recipe is saved. You can also click the pink “SAVE RECIPE” button on the recipe card.

On your mobile phone, you can save recipes by clicking the heart in the black circle on the right side of your mobile screen or by clicking the pink “SAVE RECIPE” button.


3. Accessing your FAVORITE RECIPES

Looking for your favorite recipes that you’ve saved? You can access your favorite recipes by clicking on the “MY FAVORITES” button at the top of the page.


You should be taken directly to your MY FAVORITES page in the Members Area.


On your mobile device, you can access your MY FAVORITES page by clicking on the “MY FAVORITES” button in the menu.

You can also navigate to your favorite recipes from the menu on the left side of the page in the Members Area by clicking on "My Favorite Recipes".


Need more help? You can find it HERE.







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