Can I add my own recipe to my meal plan?

Can I add my own recipe to my meal plan?

On Mobile: 

Tap on the Meal Plan section.

Choose +Add Meal in the time slot you want to add a custom recipe to. 

Choose +Create Recipe to add your own custom recipe. 

On Desktop:

The right-hand column in the main meal plan building area allows you to browse existing recipes or add your own. Click the “Add my own recipe” button to manually add your own recipe.

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    • How do I add a recipe to my meal plan?

      Choose a new recipe from the dropdown menus on the right side of the page, and drag the picture to an empty slot. ​ Add a second recipe to a meal using the Add Another button:
    • How do I add single ingredients to my Meal Plan using the +MY ADD ON button?

      Creating a new food on the Easy Keto mobile app (iOS/Android) The Create Food feature allows you to add single ingredients to your weekly meal plan. For example, you could add bell pepper strips or cheddar cheese slices to your meal plan for snacks ...
    • How do I customize my meal plan?

      Navigate to the “My Meal Plan” tab. Use the dropdown menus in the Browse Recipes section to the right of your screen to drag and drop recipes into slots for meals and snacks. If you’d like to add more than one recipe for a meal, click the Add Another ...
    • Can I add my own meal prep instructions?

      Yes! If you have your own plans or ideas for things you want to prep ahead and want them on your list to stay organized, you can do that. On iPhone/Android:  Tap on the Meal Prep icon at the bottom of the screen.  Meal prep page will load with prep ...
    • What if I don't like or want to change a recipe, how do I remove it from my meal plan?

      To remove a recipe from your week’s plan, click the “X” next to the photo. To replace the recipe with a different one, here is how to add a recipe.